Find The House You’re Searching for

Brand Details :
  • Company Name : Emlak8
  • Motto : Find The House You’re Searching for
  • Website : emlak8.net
  • Center : Düzce
  • Establishment Date : 2019
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About :

Emlak8 is the real estate platform that unites everyone who wants to profit from the industry and aims to own a house. 

In the way that we started with the idea of being one of the prominent estate portals in Turkey, we aimed to be a credible realty information and marketing platform; uniting quality services and an understanding of lucid information, realty professionals and individuals with accurate, comprehensive reference information by saying “Find the house you’re searching for.” 

What differentiates us from other estate platforms is our being a realty platform that contains only realty professionals. Another important feature of ours is that we are not only a platform where corporate members just publish notices, but we are also a platform where the notices on their own websites are also automatically published. 

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